Month: December 2012

Christmas Again!

The kids arrived from California today (Beth gets in next week).  We had to see what Santa left before we had our Christmas Pizza Feast.  Looking forward to an exciting week!




Christmas Essentials

Ho Ho Ho.  Merry Christmas Everyone.  We have had a lovely day.  And, as you can see, the Christmas Tree is even up.  Grandma arrived this afternoon, and we’ve had a nice day catching up and relaxing.

The best part of the Holiday Season is family and friends – apologies for missing the phone calls that came in – service here leaves something to be desired (although Lou is still blaming Steve Jobs).   We will share a few snapshots of some other essential Christmas items today:

The Meat

The Christmas Cheer that Arrived Earlier This Week

And, of Course – The Dog

The tree has only been up for a day, but so far Natasha has pretty much ignored it.  We purposely put very few ornaments near the bottom.  We’ll see how the week progresses.

Merry Christmas, and Love to All!

A Year in Review … Part 1

Since we are almost at the end of the year, and I don’t have any pics of our Christmas Decorations to show, I’ll get an early start on the Year in Review.  Just think of it as a condensed version of our Annual Christmas Letter.  And, you’re right, we’ve never sent out an Annual Christmas Letter – but if we were sending one out, this is what it might look like.

2012 in Review – Part 1 – January thru April

Wow – what a busy start to the year.  First, we went to Niagra falls and met Natasha.  That consumed all of our time for a couple of months (as evidenced by the Travel Blog turning into the Dog Blog)- who remembered having a puppy was so much work ??!!?? We lost dear sweet Beau, but knew he’d had a good life.  The California Kids arrived in March so we could all go on our Disney Dream Cruise to the Bahamas, and Team Dogsit (Emily & Ben) flew down from Camden to take care of Natasha and get some sunshine into their frozen Maine veins.  Grandma joined us and we enjoyed a great Easter with everyone, followed by a visit from Jan and Rodger from California.  At the end of April, Chrisie and Yan visited from Indonesia.  And, this was only the first four months of the year …



Parts 2 and 3 will follow before the end of the year.  Hope everyone is ready for the Holidays!

A Play Date

Breaking News: word from Lou in Maine is we closed escrow on the snow house today!  Good job, Lou.  Hopefully he will make it home this weekend, as long as the storm doesn’t delay things.

Natasha and Daisy ( who lives across the street with Phil and Nancy) had a play date this afternoon. They got along fine, although Daisy was not as interested in playing ;). In fact, the three of us took a nap at one point.






9 Days to Christmas

All out of original titles 😉  Hoping everyone is having fun preparing for the Holidays and getting into the Christmas Spirit.

Tasha and I are sitting in Palm Beach Gardens, as Lou is braving the frozen North to check things out in Maine with the potential new house.  Hope he makes it safely!

We arrived home yesterday from Orlando.  Natasha survived the boarding experience just fine, it seems.  She got a report card, and some of the comments were “Quiet, Loving, Playful, Cuddly …”   Hmmmnnn, wonder if they had the right dog (referring to the Quiet comment)?

We enjoyed our last day at Epcot, had lunch in Mexico, and dinner at the UK.  And saw some more fireworks.  We are now prepared for the family trip in January.


The Volcano going off in Mexico


Lou took this pic to remind Jerry of the Wines from France:


I enjoyed a Grand Marnier Slushie in France

Lou’s Pork Rack at the Rose & Crown

And, more fireworks …