Month: November 2012

Home from Disney

My short two night trip is over, and I came home today.  Lou and the pup are well.  I enjoyed my quick trip, but it was tiring, especially with only one day’s rest after the drive from Maine.

I imagine y’all got sugar overload just from looking at that cupcake.  Me too.  I confess, I could only eat half of it.

Here are a few pics from my first afternoon:





(Lunch – corn dog nuggets.  I obviously ate well on the trip.  Good thing it was so short!)

Healthy Eating

Posting this from The Magic Kingdom. We had a trip scheduled, but had to change due to the trip back to Maine. I drove to Orlando yesterday while Lou stayed home with the dog. Working on photography stuff.

Had to try a Red Velvet Cupcake today …


Birds in the Back

Thanks for the Anniversary wishes.  We are still trying to adapt to being home.  Didn’t get  much sleep last night – the pup decided she would rather stay up until midnight to play with each and every one of her toys …

It is very nice to be back in the perfect Florida weather 😉

Watched the birds for a while this morning:


Home … And … Happy Anniversary to Us

Whew – we were both pleased to reach the driveway just after noon today.  Glad it was a relatively short drive home.  We were thankful for another safe and successful trip.  Hopefully all goes well with the house deal – just have to get through inspections and closing. (We are a little surprised that House Hunters on HGTV hasn’t asked us to star in an episode yet, since we seem to buy a house every 5 years or so).

Today was our Anniversary.  How many years, you ask?  Can you believe it’s been 35?!  We normally celebrate on the day after Thanksgiving, since it is easier to remember.  I thought we had agreed no gifts this year, since we’d just made a rather large purchase.  To my surprise, Lou brought home some beautiful flowers this afternoon – he is full of surprises!  Thank you, dear 😉


Thanksgiving – A Guest Blog by Beth

Whew, we made it to Florida this afternoon.  Staying in the metropolis of Yulee, just outside Jacksonville.  We will get an early start tomorrow to get us home by noon or so.


Beth was kind enough to provide a guest blog for us – sharing some Thanksgiving Activity from Southern California.  It sure looks better than our Salads from Mickey D’s !!!


Hi Sharon,
Thought I’d send you some pics for a guest blog, although it’s a short one. Hope this isn’t more work than your own blog!  Was hoping to relieve you of your duties for the day.  🙂
Pic #1 is our little turkey waiting for the table to be piled high with delicious Thanksgiving treats.
Pics #2 & #3 are of our Thanksgiving table, with and without the male model.
Pic #4 is a store bought cherry pie I turned even more delicious by adding an almond crumb topping.  Thanks Martha Stewart!
Pics #5-6 are of Todd’s early birthday present.  (He had to open it now to enjoy it in time for Georgia to beat Alambama next weekend. And it certainly helped them today against Georgia Tech!)  This must be serious business because I couldn’t get a smile.  The dog lost interest quickly.
As you can see, we had a good holiday and are still enjoying 2 more days off.  We are thankful for alot this year, as usual.  Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, no matter where you spent it.
Love you!
Beth, Todd and Jack
(Hmmm … I guess Beth and Todd didn’t get the memo about Turkeys for Thanksgiving 😉  I think they would do well in Maine)

Half Way Home

We reached our destination in Virginia just before 4pm today, after leaving at 8am.  The traffic was better than yesterday, but my hat is off to Lou for doing all the driving.  We took a more straightforward route than we usually do, which took us by many of the major east coast cities – Newark, Baltimore, Washington DC, and more.  Parts of the morning’s drive made me think we were on a Mad Max movie set – I definitely am a small town gal at heart.  The afternoon’s ride was mostly through Maryland and Virginia on I95 – pleasant enough, but not much to see.

We have just two more driving days left, before arriving back in Florida.  Looking forward to the warmer weather (well, at least one of us is)!


Some Random Photos from today’s drive: