Month: October 2012

Home Safely!

We made it back to Cayman Place early this afternoon.  We stopped by and visited Grandma, to pick up the mail (which she so kindly sorted for us).  She also had some nice snacks for us as well – cause that’s what Grandmas do.

Natasha thought we were at the next Best Western, so had to jump on the bed.  Let’s just say, she only did it once!

Will upload a few pics tomorrow.  It is nice to be home.  Martha was here when we arrived, and insisted on helping us unload the car.  She would have unpacked for us as well, if we’d let her.  Nice to know the house is in such good hands while we are away.

Back in the Sunshine State

We made it back to Florida – sort of 😉  We are spending the night in Pensacola.  Once again, we had good weather and made good time.  We should be arriving home on Wednesday.

Watching the news, and feeling sad for what is happening up North – and imagine it will get worse as the rains continue.  Wishing everyone the best.

Some pics from the day’s drive: we started in Louisiana, passed through Mississippi and Alabama, then into Florida.




Road Tripping Continued

We are spending the night in Natchitoches, Louisiana – Best Western is beginning to seem like home. We'll go to Pensacola, Fl tomorrow, going down the West Coast of Florida to stop by Grandma's on the way home. Natasha is sad she won't get to see Kathy & Steve.

It seems our decision to divert from the Northeast is the popular one. So far we have had clear weather, although it is cold – 38 degrees this morning.

Not much exciting to take pics of today, so I'll share a few from our last elk hunting expedition in Yellowstone:





Plan B – Let’s Go To Florida

We left New Mexico early this morning, as the sun was rising and had an uneventful drive along I40.  After arrival in El Reno, Oklahoma this afternoon, we made the decision to divert from our original plan to drive back to Maine.  Instead, we will go directly to Florida.  It makes no sense to drive into what could be one of the worst storms in years.  We’ll make arrangements to get back to Maine later when the weather clears.

Here are a few random pics from today’s drive.  But first, one of Natasha as she made her final circuit of the yard in Cave Creek, AZ.  She really enjoyed being able to run freely in the fenced in backyard.  Natasha sends her love to Mij.


And, a few from today’s drive:



Update from New Mexico & “Did We See Elton John?”

We are currently in Moriarty, New Mexico – about 40 miles east of Albuquerque.  For those of you concerned about us driving into Sandy in Maine, just want you to know we are watching the weather closely.  We’ll continue on our route for a couple of days – if it gets too bad in New England, we’ll divert South to Florida.  Today’s drive was clear and windy, but the wind didn’t interfere with driving conditions.

And, for the more important question … Did we see Elton John?  No, we didn’t see Elton along Interstate 40 today, but maybe we saw him while touring Bryce Canyon National Park.  Read on for more about our celebrity sighting.

On our way home from the Grand Teton and Yellowstone Trip, we stopped at Bryce – I shared a teaser photo a couple of weeks ago (and have lots more to share in the future).  On our day to tour Bryce, I was up early and in the park for sunrise photos … here are a few of those:




Before I left the park, I saw some deer at the edge of the forest.  Next to the deer, some guys were setting up what looked like a Piano in the forest.


I went back to our cabin to pick up Lou, and we came back to Bryce to drive the scenic loop and stop at all the overlooks to take more photos.  We saw someone playing the piano in the forest, and it looked like they were video taping.  But, there was no place to stop and take a photo of some guy we didn’t know who was playing a piano in the woods.

A few hours later, we had taken many photos at the various lookouts (we’ll share those in future posts).  We stopped at Bryce Point, which is a very famous lookout where you can see the hoodoos and many other rock formations.  While there we overheard several people saying “Elton John is doing a music video here today.” Whoa – did we see Elton John earlier?  The views at Bryce Point are breathtaking:




As we were leaving Bryce Point, we saw a Piano up on the rim of the canyon:


We didn’t stay around to see Elton, but it was a bit surreal to see the piano sitting up there.  Later, I googled music videos at Bryce Canyon, and I found out it was, indeed, NOT Elton John.  Turns out it was The Piano Guys, a group from St. George Utah.  Recently, I found a link to the music video they made at Bryce that day.  Click here to check it out.


So, we may not have seen Elton John, but these guys are pretty good.


Cocker Cuteness

I took the liberty of “borrowing” these photos from the Sue’s High Calling Cocker Blog. These are two of Natasha’s sisters. You’ve seen Hannah before. The smaller sister is Ava – she was the tiniest in the litter. I believe Natasha would be just a little larger than Ava. They are so cute!

We’ll have to swing by Wisconsin one of these trips for a family reunion. We leave Cave Creek tomorrow for the drive to Maine – just a short detour on the way to Florida 😉

We took Mij out to dinner tonight and Natasha stayed home all by herself. She wasn’t happy about it, but we returned to an intact house, so all is good.

We will try to provide some updates from the road trip, but we have no scenic side trips planned.


Hannah is on the left, and Ava on the right: