Month: September 2012

More Moose

I imagine most folks want to know if we saw any animals, since that is what people think of when you say you’re going to the National Parks – and Geysers, of course.

We had another long day in Yellowstone, but I thought I’d share this photo with you from our first day with the photo workshop group last Monday.  Yes – we did see a Moose!  Finally.  I’ll tell you more about this moose in a future installment, but for now — a photo of an animal that is not a cocker spaniel:


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More of the Grand Teton Area

Thanks for the comments on the trip so far.  We spent our first full day in Yellowstone today, and it was a very good day.  We are still downloading our photos, so haven’t really had a chance to go through many of the Yellowstone photos.  We left the room at 5:45am this morning, and didn’t return until 9:00pm … a long day, and another one tomorrow.

I do have some more photos from the Grand Teton National Park to share … these are from our two days at the park before we joined the Photo Tour group.  These first two were taken early on Saturday morning.  I went to a popular spot to photograph the reflection of the mountains in the water (at Oxbow Bend), but it was foggy/smoky most of the morning, so it was difficult to see all of the mountain.  It was still a pretty area.  I was alone there for a while before sunrise, and it was spooky, as the Elk were making all kinds of noise nearby, and I had no idea how close they were.



These next few photos are from the hike we took in the evening  before dinner.  They show some of the color in the trees, as well as the view of the willow flats and lake out behind the Lodge.  You can also see the back side of the Lodge, where we had dinner.








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Have You Missed Us?

Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to catch up on the marathon posts from the past week. We are full on with our photo workshop group, so haven’t had a chance to post. Will try to catch up in the coming days.




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Yellowstone – Road Trip Day 2 – We Made It!

This will be the last post about the eternal Road Trip from Cave Creek to Grand Teton National Park.  Then, we’ll get to more stuff about the actual park, which may be more interesting.

After leaving Alpine, we had about 70 miles to go. We drove through another National Forest.


We have no idea what the purpose of this weird bicycle is...


We drove along the Snake River for quite awhile - this is a major recreational river.


Another view of the Snake River, as we get ready to enter the town of Jackson (often referred to as Jackson Hole).


Where's Natasha when we need her ... she would be checking out the motorcycle.


A not to exciting first look at Jackson


Coming into the main part of town - the Western Theming is strong here as well.


Lots of tourists in town - can't imagine it during peak season.


Every resort town needs it's own Ripley's Museum.



We start to see the Big Mountains ...


Putting it in perspective.


We saw a fire in the distance. This is one of several in the area, and this may have an impact on photography during the week.


Approaching the entrance to Jackson Lake Lodge - this photo is through the windshield - you can see all the bugs. We will be getting some better photos as the week goes on.


Our home for the first four days - we are in a cottage, fortunately just a short distance away from the Main Lodge. Not fancy, but very comfortable.


Before dinner, I walked down to the end of the road our cottage is on - these folks were sitting there with their binoculars looking for elk.


A hint of what is to come. This is looking off the back deck of the Main Lodge - it's a marshland, and you can see Jackson Lake Lodge and the Grand Tetons in the distance. Better photos to come.


A look into the Main Lodge Lobby area - everyone comes here to use the free Internet. We had drinks and some chips/dip for dinner in the Blue Heron Lounge, then early to bed.


Looking out the impressive 60 ft. windows in the Lodge - we'll show more of what's outside those windows in the next few days.


That gets us to our first destination on this trip.  It’s now Monday evening, and we are off to hook up with our Photo Tour group … wish us luck!

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Yellowstone Trip, Day 2 Part 2 – Are We There Yet?

This post will cover the second half of our trip into Grand Teton National Park.  The second half of the trip was again varied scenery – stretches of boring stuff, but then some interesting sights.

And, can you believe, we are missing our silly little pup like crazy.  We know she’s in good hands, but we don’t know what to do with ourselves now that we don’t have to check up on her mischief every few minutes.

Another horse – I thought this one had a Hidden Mickey, but maybe it’s Pluto or Goofy?


We briefly crossed over from Wyoming into Utah again


We saw more cows in Utah


Now we are back in Wyoming. This happened one more time, and this was about as exciting as this part of the drive would get.


Stretches of long empty road, mostly flat. This is an unusual shot, in that there is no traffic. We seldom went very far without seeing cars or trucks.


We drove through lots of small towns in Wyoming.


Almost forgot, we went to Idaho for a short time.


We had a nice drive through Bridger National Forest


The green trees were such a welcomed contrast against the barren hills.


And a splash of yellow – I believe these are Aspen trees. Please correct me if I’m wrong.  We had a debate about whether they were Aspens or Poplars, or even Cottonwoods.


And then we saw red …


Passing through the metropolis of Smoot


Back in Wyoming, we drove through Afton – a larger town than most we had been seeing. They have really done up the Western theming.


Oh my Gosh … we still have a ways to go, as we travel North on Hwy 89 … still! It’s only been about two and a half hours on this second part of the journey, but we are getting tired.


Would you like Green Hay or Yellow?


Mandatory Road Tour Photo – Church (in the middle of nowhere it seems)


Coming into Alpine, the largest city before we reach Jackson


And, I’m going to end here … so, the answer to the title question, “Are We There Yet?” is “No.”  We had lunch at Burger King and just beat a busload of high school volleballers into the restaurant.

Don’t mean to drag this out, but I already have too many photos here, and we’re finding it difficult to download posts from the blog when the posts are too big.  I’m not sure this is a problem if you have faster internet service.  You might have had a clue when you saw “Day 2, Part 2” that maybe there would be a Part 3 😉

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Yellowstone Trip – Day 2, Part 1

We survived another day on the road.  We didn’t leave the hotel until about 8:30am, because we opted for the breakfast option – they gave us a voucher to have a hot breakfast in the restaurant.  So, after eggs and more, we set off.

In today’s post, I’m only going to show photos for part of the drive.  I’ll stop once we get to Wyoming, and finish that part up tomorrow.  A little too tired to do more, and we have lots of photos from the day.  The trip was not as scenic overall as yesterday, but there were some spectacular parts.  While rocks were the star yesterday, the trees get the glory today.

Lou decided to top off the tank. Here he is, squinting to see the display, due to the brightness of the Utah sun.


We drove North on Interstate 15 for about 100 miles. This was not exciting. Think driving from Riverside to Victorville.


We diverted to Hwy 189 before Salt Lake City, headed towards Provo, Utah. We passed the exit for Springville (which is where I was born and raised, except it was the one in California)


We passed through the city of Provo, which is a beautiful college town - BYU makes it's home there. We drove by the BYU football stadium, but I couldn't get a decent photo.


As we left Provo, we saw some mountains, and headed into Provo Canyon. At first, the scenery was nice, but nothing spectacular.



I happened to turn back slightly and catch the waterfall. This is Bridal Veil Falls, a 607 ft. double cataract waterfall. Wow - I bet Lou didn't even get to see it. He had to concentrate on the drive, as it was windy and also under construction.


We went through a short tunnel as we began to exit the canyon.


We drove another 20 miles or so on Hwy 189.


And another surprise - a large lake at Deer Creek. We saw lots of boating activity. I guess I should have researched our route, since all of this was a total surprise to me.


We drove past the exits for the prime ski areas in Utah, and drove right through the Deer Valley area. You can see the top of the chair lift in this photo and the next one.


Also lots of color on the hills.


We then ended up on Interstate 80 towards Cheyenne, Wyoming for about 50 miles. The views here were nothing to write home about.


We were getting excited to get to Wyoming soon.


There were lots of farms - we saw cows, horses, some sheep, and even a few goats.


We're getting close to Wyoming, and we did see some nice red cliffs (are they cliffs if you're looking up at them?  Perhaps they are bluffs...)


We finally made it - Wyoming! Didn't even notice til I posted the photo that the Best Western billboard is in the back. How appropriate, given our new found love of pet-friendly Best Westerns.


We still have about 200 miles to go in Wyoming. But, here is my favorite horse photo of the day, taken right after we crossed the border into Wyoming.


That’s all for now.  I will say we arrived safely, and are settled in at Grand Teton National Park, where we spend the next four nights.  Check back – there will be a few photos to share.

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