Month: July 2012

An Easy Day

Nothing new to report. It’s supposed to be hot today – in the 80’s.

We’re getting ready to walk downtown, but first a few photos.

At least we don’t have to take the dog ashore in a dinghy every time she needs a break.


We Saw Deer … And A Bear !!!

While we were touring Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park, we came across some wildlife.  Perhaps because the speed limit is so low, the animals are less afraid of crossing the road than they might be in other places.  These are the photos I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.

First, eagle-eyed Lou said, “There’s a Deer!”  I woke up from my nap, grabbed the camera, and started shooting.  Yes, it was a deer.


It just stood there, waiting for us.  Surely it would run away …


Why did the deer cross the road?


Obviously, to get to the other side


Then, it ran through the woods


To catch up with this one, who was rather busy at the moment.

So, now we know why the Deer Crossed the Road.


Driving on, Eagle-Eye once again says, “There’s something up there.”  I’m like, yeah, fine, another deer.


I looked and looked …


It’s a Bear!!!

I’m not convinced there aren’t two bears there – look at the “eyes” in the lower left corner.


I’d like to leave you with the impression that we are wildlife spotters extraordinaire, but we only found the bear because we came upon these two cars stopped dead in the road – most likely, the bear(s) had crossed the road in front of them.


Who needs to go on Safari in Africa or some far away place when you can have this much fun on Skyline Drive?

Let’s See Some Food!

I have been remiss in not practicing for my future food blog.  OK, I’ve also been remiss in not learning how to cook.  But, last night was the perfect opportunity.  Lou grilled some delicious fish bits – tuna for him, and salmon for me.

He doesn’t grill a lot of fish, saying he’s not sure how to cook it right.  Well, let me tell you, this was cooked right!  Seared on the outside, tender and moist in the middle.

Lou served the fish with rice and a lovely avocado/shrimp appetizer.  We used to eat the avocado treat all the time in California, but it’s been ages since we’ve had it.  Delicious!

We ate outside on the aft deck, and enjoyed the evening until the mosquitoes decided we should be their dinner.

We also want to thank our good friends, Thommo and Carol, from Sydney.  The grill went kaput last year, and Lou had to trace down a replacement.  He found the one and only, as in last part in the world, in Sydney.  The supplier didn’t have a license to sell to the USA, but Thommo was kind enough to track down the part and ship it to us in Maine.  Yeah, he’s just that type of guy. Carol is so lucky to have found him 😉

Hope you enjoyed our grilling adventure – I may stick to taking photos of food and skip the cooking part.  We already have one Master Chef in the family.

A Day in the Life of … A Bulldog

We are back to regularly occasionally scheduled Guest Blog Wednesday! Our feature writer today is Jack. Jack lives with Beth and Todd in Riverside, California. He took time from his extremely busy schedule to send us this glimpse into his daily routine:


I awake from my fourteenth nap today…


Someone’s going outside – must go too and perform a security check! Those German Shepherds next door are still there (especially the cute one, Lady!)


I watch through the slit in the fence with my eagle eyes and nothing can tear me away.

Even the promise of a T-R-E-A-T!


It’s pretty hot out here today – too hot for bulldogs. Better go inside…


Could you get the door for me please?


A little play time with which toy…hmmm…decisions, decisions…


Ahhhh…that tile feels cool on my big belly! Time for nap #15. It’s hard being a bulldog.


Thank you, Jack, for a glimpse into your day. We envy you those naps, and Natasha wants your toys!

A Day in the Life of … A Dog


Life in Maine continues at a hectic pace. The big news for the upcoming week is a temperature drop from the 80’s to the 70’s. Lou is delighted, it sounds chilly to me.

Natasha continues to thrive in her self-proclaimed role as Marina Queen. Here she is, vigilantly observing the parking lot. Whenever one of us leaves the boat, she watches diligently for our return. Probably has more to do with protecting her food sources than loyalty.

Still no attempt to jump off the boat, which makes it fairly easy to live with a dog onboard, since we keep an eye on her, but she doesn’t have to be tethered.


She’s generally well-behaved, but has an hour of rambunctious activity in the evening. Thank Goodness for The Monkey! She loves to play fetch with it, and still enjoys the squeak. She also still has a thing about sneakers. Fortunately, she’s usually ready for a nap after an hour of monkey business.

Lou swears he did not share his scotch (even though it’s a known fact that Maggie had a taste for single malt). Natasha is not allowed on the table, but somehow manages to sneak up there when we aren’t watching closely.


Natasha found a new perch to use as her observation position. Now that would be a nice view for a guest waking up in the forward bunk.

She pulled her nicely folded, and clean, blanket off the pile after stealing the laundry tag. She likes to sleep on the blanket on the floor in our room. While she will occasionally sleep on the bed, she’s not pleased that it is smaller than the king-sized bed at home. There just isn’t room for her crate on the boat.


As you can see, the dog is right at home on the boat. She also enjoys her walks, and is starting to get better at interacting with the other dogs in the marina. She does prefer people, and hasn’t yet met anyone she doesn’t like.

Early Morning Boats

An original title to this post. That’s because, even after 3 cups of coffee, I’m not quite awake. We’ve been getting up between 4 and 5am for the last few mornings, the curse of living where the sun rises before 5am. And by “we,” let’s not include Lou – just me and the furry one. Another big day planned – it’s Laundry Pick-Up Day! Lou has already reminded me he MUST have the laundry back today.

At least it gives me an opportunity to take some early morning photographs. Since there is nothing else to report, other than beautiful weather, I’ll share a few samples. Note that it looks like fall in a couple of the photos, but that’s just because of the way the sun is shining on the trees and reflecting in the water.