Month: July 2012

Married to a Man Half My Age

Lou had to make a quick trip back to Florida for some follow up tests to his annual physical he had before we left – the good news is, all is well, and the doctor told him “he has arteries a 30 year old would be proud to have…” Who knew?

You may have gathered from previous posts, Natasha is slightly attached (as in, obsessive about knowing where we both are at all times).

This is what I saw the first two days Lou was gone, and on our walks, she would anxiously run to the car, sniffing all around.




Is he coming back soon? I'm so sad.



By yesterday, she was back to regular (obnoxious) Monkey Business


There's an Art Festival in the park, so we may head over there later today or first thing in the morning.

More Food – Guest Blog

Chrisie saved the day, sending us a brief look at some of the cuisine in Indonesia. This is good, since I still have nothing for you!



Nasi means 'rice' in the Indonesian language. Nasi is the main staple and main food of any dish. If you haven't eaten rice for the day, you simply haven't eaten. Indonesians take great pride in the presentation of their food dishes.

The first pic is nasi empal: Beef and rice. The second is the banana leaf wrapping; this wrapping is still used to this day instead of plates; sometimes even on top of plates.



Not Much News

I really have nothing to report, but don't want to break my string of posting daily updates. I asked Natasha to do a Guest Blog, but she wasn't up to it today. She had a stressful morning. Olive, the Bassett Hound pup was on the dock, and she just doesn't care for Olive's barking and puppy antics. We definitely have a “people” only dog on our hands

So, I have nothing to share other than a few more dog photos.


Carefully chewing the edges off a slice of stale bread (Lou gave it to her). She obviously didn't care for it, but had to eat it, since it is a piece of forbidden bounty. Notice the ever present Monkey.



Her morning pose, after returning from a not so good outing with Olive. She does look rather grown up here. And, already in need of another bath.



Nothing left to do but take her afternoon nap in front of Lou's chair. Notice the scrap of paper (one of many) she has managed to leave all over the floor. Reminds me of Catherine, although in her case, we found scrambled eggs in the closet.


I'll try to find something more exciting tomorrow … I may have to take Beth's advice and watch Big Brother. Also looking forward to the Olympics.

Note – the photos with borders around them are ones taken with the iPhone or iPad.


Who Will Get the Final Rose?

Finally, something exciting to write about! Lou surprised me with a very nice birthday gift, but I didn't get it until we arrived in Maine. He had a KVH satellite hooked up, and now we have Direct TV on the boat!!!

So why has it taken this long to share the news? If you've ever dealt with a cable company or satellite TV outfit, you know it's always fun. Add in the complexity of a marine installation, and you have even more fun.

First, we had to make sure Direct TV set up a new account, and didn't switch us from the one in Arizona – don't want to get Mij upset. Then, it's taken us several weeks to figure out how to get the local channels to show up. Without them, we had no NBC, CBS, ABC, or FOX channels. We could only take so many SVU reruns. Finally, after numerous calls, we got the satellite tuned in and we are all set.


You can imagine how excited Lou was that I was able to watch The Bachelorette last night – he was soooo happy he surprised me with the satellite ;).


So, the really important question: will Emily choose Arie, the sorta-almost-maybe Indy race car driver from Scottsdale Arizona?


Or will she pick Jef with one “f” and the goofy pompadour hairdo from Salt Lake City, Utah?


We'll just have to tune in next week and see what happens. Who said living on a boat was dull?

Another Nice Day

Still no excitement to report, which makes for dull blog updates. We have been talking about a day trip, but haven’t decided where to go. And, it’s very peaceful hanging out on the boat.

Took a couple snapshots of the dog as we came back from our walk. The first is for her portfolio, in case the marina needs a mascot. The second shows her ready to get back on board. We are still amazed she hasn’t yet jumped off the boat.

It’s just 9am, and she’s already had 6 meet and greets with her friends on the dock. She gets upset if people don’t stop and pet her when they go by.