Month: July 2012

Fun with Reflections

Yesterday was another great day – lots of sunshine and no rain!  Our big excursion was a drive to Rockland to go to Home Depot.  We’ve found that if Natasha gets out once or twice a day, she seems to be a bit calmer in the evenings, and she loves to ride in the car.

While sitting on the back deck, I noticed the interesting reflections in the water, so started playing around with the camera.  This continued throughout the day.  I am easily entertained.

Up Early Again

We’ve been going to bed early – before 10pm.  This means I’m ready to get up before 5am. So, this morning, I decided to go out to the harbor and see if I could get some sunrise photos.  Some interesting clouds, but not much color in the sky.

It’s raining again.  Oh, we didn’t die from the new Chinese takeout last night.  Not sure we’ll try it again …

Some samples from this morning’s efforts:

Lou Builds a Lighthouse

We’ve had rain off and on since Lou returned – he seems to attract thunder and lightning. Fortunately, the afternoons have been nice.  Today, Lou is working on building a lighthouse.

Natasha and I went for a walk.  She’s doing better, but still likes to pull on the leash.

That’s about as exciting as it gets here.  Oh, we do have plans tonight – we are trying a new place for Chinese takeout.  Wish us luck.

Buddies Reunited

Here are some photos from Lou’s return earlier this week.  Natasha was happy to see him.

She got a little tired, playing watchdog on the front deck as the morning wore on, but perked right up when she heard his footsteps:







Baby Seal Rescue

We had some excitement yesterday. A young harbor seal showed up by our boat. It swam around for awhile, then climbed up on the bank – it was low tide. It stayed on the bank for about 10 minutes before one of the little kids chased it back to the water :(. We had a group assembled checking things out – we weren't sure if it was in distress or just tired.

Fortunately, Ben arrived and said they had seen it earlier and notified the appropriate wildflower wildlife rescue group (gotta love Apple Autocorrect). He thought it might have an injured flipper. I took some pics, and later Ben came back with a gal from the rescue group. She had me email my photos, and this morning Ben told Lou he'd heard from the rescue group. They thought it might have an injured flipper, but since My photos showed it was moving it, they weren't too worried. So, hopefully the little guy (or gal) will be OK. We do have a phone number to call if we spot it.










Back in Action

I've had some technical snafus uploading pics to the blog – but think I've got it fixed. I left off with the possibility of Natasha and I going for a walk to the park and the Art Festival. We did, and it was fun. It was especially fun trying to take photos one-handed with my little pocket-cam while Natasha was happily pulling me in every direction wanting to meet and greet every person and dog she saw. I didn't get a chance to enjoy much of the actual arts and crafts at the show, but it was a good outing for both of us.

Snapshots from the Day: