Month: June 2012

Life is Good

Just a short update to say all is going well. We are all adjusting to life on the boat. Lots of people around the dock this weekend, and Natasha is busily greeting them and enjoying lots of pets.

She also made a new friend – Olive is a 13 week old Basset Hound. Olive is a hoot.

Natasha spends much of her time checking out the action, in her meerkat pose:




She also finds time to nap and play:

A Review of Pet-Friendly Lodging

Getting back to the Road Trip; here is the review of our lodging. Lou did a fantastic job finding pet-friendly places to stay. There aren’t as many as you might think, and as it turns out, website info is often out of date. So best to confirm before booking.

There were very few options for the first night, after we left Kathy and Steve’s. We wanted a place near the start of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Ramada Inn was it. This was our first hotel with the dog. It wasn’t very pet-friendly, having to walk through the lobby to get outside and search for grass. Natasha did enjoy jumping from bed to bed. She could also hear everyone outside the room and thought she should warn us. Fortunately, we nipped that in the bark. Hmnnn – what were the next 5 nights going to be like?




Our options for the next night were even fewer. There’s not much commercial activity along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and we were stopping half way through. We were booked into the Country View Inn at Fancy Gap, VA.


This stop is worthy of a few more photos:


It was classic 60’s decor – took us back to visits to Springville. Except for the Chuckie dolls all over the room:


I was okay with the angels, but the one hiding behind the TV creeped me out a bit:


This was a great bargain at $40, and the people were friendly. Also a great place for the dog to run a bit. Dinner options were few. We opted for Pre-packaged ham & cheese sandwiches from the nearby gas station. Expiration date was July 17th. Pretty sure it was 2012. Todd says never to eat these, but we didn’t have a lot of choice. We survived. This was my favorite motel – it’s nice when your door opens directly to the outside when you need to take the dog out. Not positive Lou would agree with my assessment, but I think he got a kick out of the place.



Next up – Waynesboro, NC at the entrance to Skyline Drive. Our first stay at a Best Western Plus, and this turned out well. A nice room, lots of grassy area, and right next to a Cracker Barrel.




After Skyline Drive, we headed to Chambersburg, PA. The Sleep Inn was our destination. This was okay, relatively new, but crowded with lots of folks taking their kids on outings for the weekend. We should have tried Vince’s Pizza in Scotland (the town next to the hotel), but opted for a quick meal from McDonald’s.





Moving on to Saratoga Springs, NY. Another Best Western, and it was nice too. Right across the street was a popular bar-b-que joint with a live band and even an area where you could sit outside with your dog. The people running the hotel were a little weird, but still a good stop. Hotels are getting more expensive, since we are close to resort areas now.





We headed out for the White Mountains, but couldn’t stay at the Mountain View Resort this time. Can you believe they don’t allow dogs in their beautiful historic hotel? Lou had found another Best Western in Franconia, NH. It is in a beautiful setting, but the hotel is in the midst of renovations, so it might be better next trip. The town is pretty, and we found a very good pizza place. We drove around town and took some photos while waiting for the pizza. The town is very busy in the winter, since it’s next to the ski resorts.




This concludes our review – we really didn’t have it too bad. Things improved after the first night. The pup was well-behaved in all the hotels after the little barking spree the first night, and we batted 100% with respect to the whole potty issue (and yes, I’m talking about the dog).  Finding dinner was sometimes a challenge, but we don’t usually go out for a big meal when traveling, unless there is a nice restaurant in the hotel.

Waking up is Hard to Do

Thanks for all the comments – either the rain coat was a big hit or y’all think we have totally lost our minds.  Trust me, it does help keep her dry.  And Kathy – I am searching for a matching slicker.

We had several hours without rain yesterday, even had some sunshine.  Woke up early this morning to find a nice day greeting us.  Hoping it stays dry so we can take a walk downtown.

I also have some more photos to show from Skyline Drive, but still organizing them.

Early morning photos – mostly of the dog, since Lou doesn’t appreciate me taking photos of him at 5am.  Natasha is adjusting well to life on the boat.  Yesterday she had a FRAP, and ran off her energy by running three complete circles around the outer deck of the boat – it was entertaining.  So far she has not attempted to jump off the boat, but she might be thinking about it.









Stylin’ in the Rain

We have had lots of rain since arriving in Camden.  This isn’t a big deal, unless you have to take a rather impatient pup off the boat every couple of hours.  While she likes the rain, we’re not all that excited about having a wet dog when we get back on the boat.

I visited the Maine Dog store yesterday, and picked up something to help with the rain walks.










On the Eighth Day … It Rained

It was our last day of travel, and the morning started off cloudy but clear.  We’d had some rain overnight, but it wasn’t much.  The clouds in the mountains were nice, and traffic was light.  About half way through the journey, after we crossed the border into Maine, it began to rain.  Fortunately, it cleared up for a couple of hours and we were able to unload the car and introduce Natasha to the boat.

Then, it started to rain again.  And hasn’t stopped.  Natasha was okay going off the boat in the rain last night, but balked this morning – guess she figured she finally dried out, why get wet again.  But, I tricked her into getting off and all is well.  Of course, Lou wasn’t too pleased when a wet dog jumped back on the bed at 6am!

Some more photos from Monday’s travels:







Entering Camden



Main Street, Camden



Lou checks out the Boat



Early Evening – Light Rain


We Made It !

We arrived safely in Camden early this afternoon. Unpacked and relaxing now – so will have more info later tonight or tomorrow.

It’s raining – oh fun times are just beginning!