Month: May 2012

Miscellaneous Update

Happy Birthday to Lou!!!! We are both grateful for yet another good year.

Natasha enjoyed some cone-free time in the backyard today as we waited for the afternoon thunder showers to develop. Happy to report she is feeling much better, and is almost back to her old mischievous self.

Lou has been busy finishing up the planning for the trip up North. Then it’s time to get serious about figuring out what to pack. We also will send some stuff to Arizona, because we’ll be driving there to drop off the dog while we go on a Photo Tour of The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone in September.


I saw this, and laughed, as it pretty much described how we felt after a day running around Disney World:

And, last but not least, Lou showed me the cover he made for the binder for our Trip – you know we always have a binder!





Our Last Evening with the Mouse

After recovering from our trek with a shower and a nap, we went to the Lounge to chat about our day. What better way to make a decision than over a nice glass of Chardonnay.


You can almost see one of the glitzy marketing brochures from Disney Vacation Club on the table. DVC is a timeshare for some of the Disney Resorts and a few other properties.

We watched the bartender entertain some talkative lady (doesn’t he look thrilled?)



We then went downstairs for our 7:30 dinner reservation at the Flying Fish. Had to wait 30 minutes ๐Ÿ™



Yes, I know. I’m supposed to take food photos before I start eating. Oh well. I had the house specialty – snapper on a bed of leeks with a red wine reduction – delicious. Louie had a steak which he said was really good.



The decor of the restaurant was fun – Flying Fish hanging from the ceiling :



Since we started late, Lou told me to just leave. I hiked out to the bridge to try another shot at the Illuminations Show. Needless to say, I didn’t do well (am I to forever be jinxed trying to shoot fireworks?). Another user-induced camera malfunction, but these two photos give you the idea … ***sigh***)




Lou came over to meet me, and took a few more night shots of the resort – haven’t really finished processing these, but they give an idea of how pretty the Epcot Resorts are at night.




We headed back to the room and turned in before 11pm. Didn’t even check to see who won American Idol – I knew it would be Phillip Phillips, and I really didn’t care who won. Oh yeah, Lou stopped for an ice cream. I wasn’t hungry, but he brought me this for later ๐Ÿ™‚


More Disney Pics

We spent our first full day at Disney traveling all over the place. The purpose was to check out some of the various Disney DVC resort properties. We could have driven, but wanted to use Disney Transportation. This was our adventure:

  1. Bus from the Boardwalk to Downtown Disney
  2. Boat One to Paradise Island (west side of downtown Disney)
  3. Boat Two to Saratoga Springs Resort – decided to skip the main part of the resort and continued on to the Tree House Villas
  4. Exited the boat in the boonies and walked around the Tree House Villa Section.
  5. Got Lost
  6. It was hot
  7. Finally found the bus stop and rode back to the resort main lobby
  8. Bus to Magic Kingdom
  9. Bus to Wilderness Lodge Resort
  10. Had a great lunch at Whispering Canyon Restaurant
  11. Boat to Contemporary Resort
  12. Monorail to transportation center
  13. Monorail to Epcot
  14. Walked through Epcot
  15. Boat to Boardwalk
  16. Passed Out …





Back to the Disney Trip

Other than not liking her cone, and jumping on the couch and running up and down the stairs, Natasha is doing ok. She has some mild pain pills for the next few days that seem to help.


So, where were we? Disney World – staying at the Boardwalk Inn Hotel. We wanted to see if we like this resort, since it’s one we might consider as a Home Resort if we do purchase DVC.




Our room …



The view – taken on the next morning, it was foggy, but cleared up later.


Some more Boardwalk views, taken during our two day stay.








Check back tomorrow for a whirlwind tour of Disney Busses, Boats, and Monorails …

First – the Cone Head

Before I finish updating the Disney Adventure, happy to report that we made it back to PBG, and picked up our darling puppy. They claim she behaved herself, and even said she is so sweet (???). They probably say that to anyone who pays to board their dog ๐Ÿ™‚



She is supposed to wear her cone for the next week, and is also not to get excited. Oh yeah, that’s going to happen. We’ll have to keep the cone on as long as we can, since she’s already scratching at the stitches with her back legs … Keeping her from getting excited will not be possible without drugs!

“Hey Wait – how did you get on the sofa? You’re not suppose to be jumping!”

Natasha gets a helping hand to scratch her ears.

After 30 minutes, she’s passed out … with very wet ears as a result of the battle between the cone and the water bowl.

Where in the World Are We?

That’s right – a quick trip to Orlando. A combo birthday celebration for us both, and I wanted to check out Disney Vacation Club (DVC). More about DVC later.

Natasha’s surgery went well, and she is recovering at the vet’s office. Called to check again today, and she’s doing well – probably driving them all crazy.

So, what’s up at Disney World? We spent the evening at Epcot – dinner in Mexico, and then walked around the world til it was time for Illuminations / fireworks.

Many of the topiaries from the Flower & Garden Show are still up.


The Trio of Tacos at La Haciends in Mexico


Checking out China after dinner. Crowds weren’t too bad, but it was soooo hot! And humid! No idea who that couple is who did the photo bomb.

We walked by Germany, no time to stop for shopping …

A look across the Lagoon Before the Illuminations Show


And, a photo of France. I didn’t realize Bell and the Beast were in the shot until I processed the photos. A least they are almost in. ย It was quite dark when this was taken and there was a group right next to me complaining bitterly about their service somewhere, so I was distracted and couldn’t get quite the right angle.


I’ll share some more photos and stories of our adventures later. Gotta get ready for dinner soon. Stay tooned (get it?) for more…