Month: February 2012

Let’s Go For a Swim

We had a great visit with Kathy & Steve.  Natasha thought they were here just for her enjoyment, but she was reasonably well behaved. Kathy took her for walks, and she enjoyed attacking Steve’s silver Nikes.

Lou was testing out the pool heater, so decided to give the pup an intro to the water – in a more controlled fashion then her last “oops, I fell in the pool” routine.  They both had a good time.



If you look closely, you will see there is a dog lying on the perfectly matching stone.


The dog whisperer, convincing his subject she wants to go for a swim (or perhaps the dog is cannoodling a treat):


It’s a standoff …




The victor – Natasha gets a treat (turns out she’s crazy about cooked chicken breast – which makes her “low value” kibble treats not nearly as effective)!


They spent some time playing on the step, just getting used to the water.  Natasha seemed to enjoy the pool, but certainly was most impressed with delicious treats.  We got her dried off just in time for Kathy & Steve’s arrival – although eau-de-wetdog was still in the air.


The next evening, Natasha was throwing a fit because Lou and I were in the spa.  We let her up on the ledge, where she promptly ran around checking everything out.  She then proceeded to walk down my body into the water – where she took several turns swimming back and forth between us.

Feeling pretty cocky, she then pranced around the ledge some more – slipped off about two feet into the pool.  By the time Lou jumped out of the spa to get her, she was swimming to the edge, and had made it safely to the step.  She wasn’t at all traumatized, and was ready to go right back in.  So far, she’s made no attempt to go in the water if we’re not in – but we’re keeping a close eye on her.

Puppy School

Last night was Natasha’s first visit to Puppy School.  There were four other “pups” there.  I use the term pups loosely – one was a rather large black German Shepherd Cross, another was a 4 month old doberman.  Then there was a cute rottweiler – Stella, and a little corgi.

It was a bit chaotic, as you can imagine, but Natasha enjoyed the activity and was relatively well-behaved.  She was next to Stella, and they kept wanting to play with each other.  Next week will be some organized playtime.


While we are obviously enjoying the new pup, we have heard from Mij that Beau isn’t doing real well these days.  They are in our thoughts and prayers, and we are so thankful Mij is with Beau.

A few more photos of Natasha, taken as she was sleeping this morning – still worn out from her big night out, as well as a visit from the pool guy earlier today (by the way, that’s MY blanket she’s on, not hers!).  Kathy & Steve are visiting today from Jacksonville, and will be spending the night.  Well, we hope they’ll stay, after being attacked by the little monster – here’s hoping her sweet side comes out during their visit.




Another Day, Another Puppy Photo

In case you think there’s nothing else in our life except this puppy, here are just some of the other exciting things we did today.

1.  Lou went to the grocery store

2.  I got a haircut

3.  Lou got TWO n-scale railroad magazines in the mail

And, as if that wasn’t enough excitement, we had the A/C guys here today to change filters, Gary the pest control guy was here to spray, and the Alarm guys came this afternoon because the bleeping alarm has been going off in the middle of the night!


And yes, more puppy pix:


Natasha succeeded in jumping onto the sofa by herself yesterday – so far she has not repeated this feat, although I have my suspicions that Lou is secretly coaching her when I’m not looking.

A Bonus – Video

Two posts in one day.  Just want to see if this short video embeds/plays properly.  Please let me know if you have any issues with it (other than the filming technique – if it works ok, I’ll try again, with the action in the middle of the frame instead of the top edge).


Such a Sad, Sad Puppy …

Natasha (or Tasha !!!!!!, as she is more commonly called when about to get into some mischief or other), turned 12 Weeks old today.  She went to the vet for her second series of puppy shots.  She now weighs 8lbs 9oz – gaining almost a pound a week since she joined us.  Told you eating was not a problem!

Here are some photos I took yesterday, after her bath. We were getting some sun on the upstairs balcony.  Cracks me up that I cannot get a photo where she does not look sad or serious.  Trust me, this dog is not abused 🙂















It’s hard to get a good photo of her true color.  She looks more golden here, due to the afternoon sunlight.  She’s actually a bit more Khaki/taupe/champagne color – just like our carpets, tiles, and pavers!



Rain Drops Keep Fallin’ On My Head …

We’ve had a lot of rain. Natasha seems to enjoy it. The first time she was out in it, she walked around with her mouth open, trying to catch the drops.




She always looks so sad in photos, must be that little Cocker face.



And, the rain filled the pool to the edge. We had to drag her away after an hour, as she was having a great time drinking and splashing at the pool edge. She didn’t walk in, but now thinks it is her very own water bowl.