Month: January 2012

Baby Pics

Forgot I hadn’t posted the photos we saw of Natasha before we actually decided to bring her into the family.

This is our first view – Natasha at 4 weeks:


Also on the website was her 3 week pic:


And her newborn shot:

She’s growing leaps and bounds (literally), so I’ll have to get busy and get some more current photos in the next few days.

10 Days of Pure …

Joy/Cuteness/Nipping/Trouble-making … just what you’d expect from a pup.  She’s a little mischievous devil sometimes, other times just as sweet as can be.  On day 6 she discovered nipping heels and tugging pant legs – only mine, of course.  It’s getting better, but I see a long road ahead.

Today, Natasha had her first bath.  She didn’t mind it.  This wasn’t the first time she’s been wet, as she took a little dip in the pool last week (we were in the spa, and she was jumping up on the edge, lost her balance, and fell into the shallow water on the first step – no real drama).  We’re waiting a few weeks to get her into the pool, so she has to be watched every minute she’s outside.


Lou found a basket for her toys … not sure she’s all that thrilled with the idea.


This bear came with her from her home in New York.  This pup has more toys than she needs, yet her favorites are Lou’s sneakers, my glasses, and any cardboard she can find.


She’s also learned to climb the stairs, something we were hoping might take a week or two.  She only goes up 3 or 4 stairs, then comes racing down after she’s sure everyone has seen how brave she is.


She is faster coming down the stairs than I am taking pictures … can’t keep up with her.



And here she is, in puppy prison … she likes to sleep in her crate, and will occasionally go in by herself when she’s tired.  But she will fuss a bit if she doesn’t think it’s nap time.  The only way to avoid feeling sorry for her is not to look at her but-I’m-so-cute face.


EDIT:  As I was doing this post, we heard a sad little whimpering.  Lou said, “Where’s Natasha?”  I got up to check, couldn’t find her anywhere, but could hear her.  Sure enough, she had climbed ALL the stairs, and was all the way on the second floor, but was afraid to come down (did I forget to mention she has to be watched every minute indoors as well?).  Anybody have a spare baby-gate?

We’re all tired out …

Can’t believe we’re coming up on a week – sometimes it feels like a year already !!!!  Natasha seems to be sleeping more, but is also playing harder when she’s awake.  We had her watch the “My Smart Puppy” DVD today – she wasn’t impressed.

Just some random photos from the last several days … a few to try and show how small she actually is (compare to the baseboards and Lou’s foot).

One of the things she likes to do is pull her blanket out of the crate –


She also likes to sleep on feet:


Someone is teasing Natasha …


As you can see here, she’s still tiny-


Natasha helped Lou pick out the wine for dinner:


And, sometimes, she just doesn’t want her picture taken:

It’s MY Ball

Things are going well with Natasha.  She’s doing OK on her housetraining, adapting to sleeping in her crate, and seems to have totally adjusted to her new surroundings.  She eats like a little porker, isn’t afraid to explore, and loves every person and dog she meets.  She’s not allowed to go to public places until she has all of her shots, but she excitedly greets Daisy and Lucy, whenever she catches them out on their walks (they’re not so crazy about her yet).

Here she is playing with her ball – it looks like a tennis ball, but it’s actually just bigger than a golf ball.