Month: December 2011

Post Christmas

We continue to relax in the Florida sunshine. A little bit cool, but bright and sunny.

I wanted to share this photo of Beau that Mij sent us. This was on Christmas morning – Mij took it with her new cell phone.



This one is my favorite – he’s plumb wore out after the excitement of Christmas morning (or it could just be his usual post-breakfast nap)!

Thanks for the photos, Mij!

Christmas Meat

Wanted to include a photo of the roast and Christmas Dinner that Chef Louie cooked. Boy, it was great! We went casual, eating at the bar instead of the dining room table – oops, I forgot the Christmas Placemats!

(Vegans should not look at the following photos)

And no, we did not have Rufus and McDingle for Christmas Dinner, although they did show up several times during the day for treats:

Christmas Present(s)

We had a very nice Christmas Day in Florida. Jeannette made it over before noon, we lounged around, took a nap, and opened our presents in the late afternoon – much more relaxed than it used to be when the kids were anxiously wanting to see what the Big Guy dropped off. Christmas Day just isn’t the same without little ones around.

We all made a nice haul, and had a fantastic dinner. Lou cooked a standing rib roast (pics to follow tomorrow – I’m too full now to even look at pictures of food). Apologies to those whose phone calls got dropped as we were trying to say Merry Christmas. We do appreciate the calls!

I tried to take some photos of the upstairs tree (which is actually the old downstairs tree), but it was a little difficult in the dark. I think you can get the idea how our Family Tree turned out. I usually have a hard enough time getting one tree up and decorated, let alone taken down again after the New Year. But, we decided to have a second tree upstairs, and I didn’t want to use plain ol’ ornaments, so decided on the photo theme. It was fun to do, but took much longer than I expected! (Maybe we’ll just keep it up year ’round)

Doing a project like this is like wrapping presents – you try to make sure the kids have an equal number, and nobody gets left out. Not that any kids we know would ever have counted the number of packages they had, or did a value check to make sure they came out even πŸ™‚

Merry Christmas Eve!

Ho Ho Ho. I still have some “Christmas Past” photos to include, but managed to take a long nap today and sleep most of the day away. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Grandma Jeannette tomorrow. We miss everyone, and hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas time!

And don’t be sad because there are so few presents under the tree – ’cause what’s there is very nice indeed!




As promised, here’s a photo of the awesome flower arrangement we received from the California Kids:











And, some photos of the present Santa let me open tonite – a very special lens for my camera! I know this means nothing to most of you, but I was delighted to get this special gift. I’ll try to include a photo of Lou’s present in tomorrow’s update:

Christmas Past – Part 3

Hobbes reminds me of Running Springs, where we’re going to visit next. Quite a few photos for today’s post – this way, if we lose track of them again, we can always refer back to the blog.  These photos were taken sometime between 1987 and 1993.

I think Running Springs was my favorite house – especially at Christmas time.

These were the days when we had a real Christmas tree, and lots of presents!

Opening the presents – Christmas Day (not necessarily the same Christmas in all 4 pics) That TV cracks me up!

There was always lots of action in the kitchen. Wonder if this was the turkey that never cooked, and we couldn’t eat until 9pm (maybe that was Thanksgiving…). Obviously, I had to step away to take the photo, but I’m sure I was right in there, helping with all that kitchen stuff.

The kids enjoying some relaxing time with their favorite pets (or not πŸ™‚ ):

Visitors were frequent on the mountain at Christmas time:

Snow, and more snow:

Christmas Past – Part Two

How about some Christmas photos from the house on Mt. Vernon?  We did manage to find a few.  Suggestions to all you young folk – make sure you label your photos as you go along.  Not so much an issue with digital, but I wish I had all the dates on the snapshots. (And, when it comes to digital images, keeping them all organized and safe is perhaps even more time-consuming than sorting through boxes of prints!).  All I’m sure of, is these photos were taken sometime between 1979 and 1987, and it looks like they cover at least two Christmas celebrations.

And I also found this series of photos.  Buster surprised Susie with her very own computer – an Apple II+.  She used it to keep track of the school lunch milk money, and did lots of other things with it.  And, Dad became a top scorer in Spies Demise.  Steve Jobs would have been proud of how much fun they had with their Apple computer.