Month: November 2011

Where Have we Been?

Where have we been:  Just hanging out around home.  Lou is busily building away on his train layout.  I’ve been a bit under the weather, perhaps from eating too much turkey!  And have been working to finalize all the details for the Disney Cruise we have planned for next March.

So, not much to report.  Pool progress is moving along, just need to take some photos. We did celebrate our Anniversary on the day after Thanksgiving – 34 years, and it seems like yesterday 🙂  Thanks for the nice card, Jeannette – you never forget!

Here’s a photograph of our latest visitor from this morning – a Blue Heron  (who, for some reason, looks purple in this photo):


And, another one from early this afternoon – an Egret, also a member of the Heron famil.y

Turkey Overdose!

Oh my Gosh.  Why do we always eat so much on Thanksgiving – maybe because the food is so good!  Lou cooked a great dinner, and Phil & Nancy from across the street joined us for a nice evening.

We always miss our family at Thanksgiving time, but we’re looking forward to catching up with everyone in the coming months.  Here’s wishing everyone a nice Thanksgiving weekend.

As usual, Lou cooked barely enough food to feed four forty people; good news is, the Turkey Soup is already on!


And, for a photograph of the feast itself … I doubt the pic on the top right would make it into Good Housekeeping Magazine, but I kind of like it 🙂



Thanksgiving Eve

Wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  Lou has been busy cooking all day – I even asked this morning, “you do realize this is only Wednesday?”  That was met with a growl (and something to the effect of “if you ever cooked you’d know you have to start early when you are planning a fantastic feast …”)

We had a nice sunset this evening.  If you look closely, you’ll see that Dr. Epcot was kind enough to surprise me, making sure I didn’t miss cocktail hour even though I was trying to take some photos off the back deck.  (This one was shot with the iPhone – click for larger)


And,  a couple photos taken with the real camera:


We Have a Winner!

I don’t know if you remember, but when we visited the West Quoddy Lighthouse in Lubec, Lou bought 20 x $1 raffle tickets for a chance to win a special Lighthouse Blanket/Throw.  This is the man who can’t win a garden hose in a golf tournament raffle.   Well – what a surprise!  He received a package in the mail.


And, guess what?  He’s a Winner!  We got a good laugh out of this – and Lou sent in an additional donation to the Lighthouse Group.

Here’s the new addition – it goes fine in the “Blue Room,” which is to be a nautical theme (eventually – I guess I better hurry up, before he decides on Remodel #4).

Just Saying Hello

I still need to take some photos of the pool project, but since Lou bought a Keurig Coffee maker for upstairs, I hardly ever venture to the first floor!  Now, about that microwave …

The plan is to try to keep the blog going over the winter.  Since we won’t be doing much travel, I’m not sure just how many swamp photos I can take – but hopefully we’ll think of something.  I want to see if I can get Lou to do a few posts on his train layout.  He works on it daily.



Here are some cute little animals to make you smile (I’m not sure if this is more interesting than showing you what we had for dinner, but they did make me smile 🙂 ):  [EDIT: hmmm, that may not have come out quite right … these adorable little animals have nothing to do with what we ate for dinner!]

(Photo Source: )

Black & White


Our cell phone contract with AT&T ends this month, so it was time to switch to Verizon.  We have had such bad coverage with AT&T that we had no choice.  Lou hated his iPhone, so of course, he got another one.  To be fair, he didn’t really hate the phone, as much as he dislikes Apple.  He got the iPhone 4, because the last thing he needs is “Siri” telling him what to do.  I picked the 4s, because it has a better camera and will play Angry Birds.

We decided to get different colors this time – makes it a lot easier to avoid grabbing the wrong phone.

And, to further add to the technology overload, my new Amazon Kindle Fire arrived today as well.  I’ll do a more detailed post on it once I’ve had a chance to use it, because I know y’all are fascinated with our love of gadgets.