A Day without Lobster …

is a sad day for the Girls from California. So far, I believe today (Tuesday) is the second day they have gone without their crustacean fix. Yesterday was just too rainy and windy to go out, and Catherine had some school work to do today.

Don’t be sad, we are still eating well. Lou treated us to his special blueberry pancakes and they were yummy..

We have also had a couple of nice dinners. Lou made spaghetti and meat sauce one night, and we had that with a big salad. Tasty! This was actually the first of our Christmas-in-January dinners. After dinner the girls gave us some nice presents and we had a mini Christmas. (We did not have any presents for them, because we don’t like to spoil them 😄).

And our collection of fun gifts:

One of these gifts deserves a closer look. Catherine did the painting of the dogs for her Dad. It reminded her of a painting she did for her Dad when she was six years old.

We will share more excitement as the week continues.

Stay Safe !!!

Happy Birthday, Beth 🎂🎉💐

We had a very special day, celebrating Beth’s birthday today. It started with blueberry pancakes for breakfast, followed by Oysters and Lobster rolls for lunch. Will share some photos of those feasts tomorrow.

Tonight we will focus on the Birthday dinner. Catherine took over chef duties, and everything was delicious. You might be surprised to know lobster was on the menu. Stuffed mushroom appetizers were served before dinner:

The lobsters soon followed:

What’s a birthday celebration without cake?

Happy Birthday, Beth. We are delighted to get to share your special day here in Maine.

Stay safe, and stay tuned for more lobster adventures.

Lobsters in Peril 🦞🦞

The Sisters left early Friday morning from California, and arrived by 8 PM. All went well with their flights and it was great to see them both.

They made a quick visit to the hot tub last night, and discovered what single digit temps really mean. Catherine said her drink froze before she got in the hot water.

After Dad cooked a breakfast of bacon and eggs, the girls headed into town for a shopping trip. They came back with their lunch, and Sisters’ Trip 2022 was off to an official start.

Stay Safe !!!

I Wanna be just like Lou

So today, I took a flying sprawl on the fresh snow covering the driveway. I was going out to help Lou bring in the groceries, and just happened to step in a spot of snow with solid ice underneath. What is that about no good deed going unpunished? My feet went straight out from under me, I landed on my back, then bounced my head and elbow off the ice. Fortunately, my heavy coat took the brunt of the fall on my back. I am a little sore tonight, but not too bad.

In other news, I have a sneak peek at one of Lou’s secondary projects. He is having a door put in, replacing a window in the loft that overlooks the small deck in the front. Andy and his apprentice are working diligently to get it done before the girls get here on Friday.

You just never know what Lou will come up with next.

There are some new posts in the Diabetes Denied blog. I did the Test Kitchen assignment on Lasagna for Chrisie, and there are a couple of postings about my new Peloton Bike (thank you, Santa).

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Beth and Catherine. They are set to arrive on Friday evening. Yay!

Stay Safe !!!

Real Food for Frozen People

It was very cold today, like -1 degrees – even colder if you take wind chill into consideration. Lou had some delicious pork he was saving for a special meal. I asked what the cut was, and he gave me a rather detailed discourse that I didn’t quite follow. I think it is tender filets from center cut pork chops. Anyway, it was delicious, served with peppers and mushroom ravioli.

Your next question might be, what does the glucose curve look like for this meal? Answer: Who Cares?

This is one of those special meals that deserves to be enjoyed. my numbers were good all day, so I had no concerns. Plus, I ate the peppers and pork first, then the ravioli. It was all absolutely delicious.

Stay Safe !!!

Edit: Wanted to share the fact that there was virtually no glucose spike with the delicious dinner! Which means I will be having leftovers for lunch.

Flowers 📸

I am taking a flower photography course. Yes, a flower course in Maine in January! Kathleen Clemons just happens to be from Maine as well. She is quite well known in the world of flower photography, and it is difficult to get a spot in her classes, so January it is. This is a four week course, and the instructor is very involved with presenting lessons, leading discussions, and critiquing our photos.

Many photography courses are just a series of videos with examples. This one is nice because for each lesson, we are asked to upload five photographs of flowers we have taken that week. Kathleen then does a critique of the student’s photographs. She captures a video as she is doing our critiques, so it is a very personalized experience.

I bought my flowers at Hannaford’s grocery store, which means they aren’t very exciting, but I still had fun with lesson 1. Here are my five images:

I didn’t take as much time as I wanted with this first lesson. I signed up for the course four months ago, and had no idea I would be in the midst of a major late-life crisis, I mean lifestyle challenge. But, I managed to put aside my glucose monitor and cycling cleats for a few hours in order to complete the lesson.

I received my critiques this morning, and I was happy with the results. Kathleen is very thorough and helpful, and I found it worthwhile. She is very good at pointing out mistakes without hurting your feelings. One of the things she does is pick her favorite of your five images. She said I made that hard for her (because she liked several, not because she couldn’t find one good one 😂. I imagine she says that to everyone). Guess which one she picked?

Kathleen picked the tulip. She liked the composition and the background. She also liked the red color and the texture of the flower. She said it is often hard to photograph red.

Here is a slideshow of some of Kathleen’s flower portraits from her gallery: