New Flowers

It is difficult to come up with creative titles, but this post shows some of the new flowers we found upon arrival at the cabin. Cecil arranged to have these planted in the backyard. There are more, which I will get photographs of later. I had to first practice using my real camera, instead of the simple iPhone snap. These are all roses, according to my plant identifier App.

Be safe.

The Golf Course is GREEEEN

A bonus post today. Here are some photos from my walk on the golf course. We thought it was pretty when we were here earlier in the month, but it is amazing now.

The view today, looking towards the No. 7 Tee, with the mountain in the background:

And here is a similar view in early May:

Another comparison, looking towards No. 8 Green:

And, a few more from today’s walk (click for larger images):

I think this is enough for today.

Greetings from the Cabin

We arrived safe and sound. It was a beautiful drive, as the few pics I posted yesterday hinted at the perfect weather. We timed it just right, it seems. The explosion of green was in such contrast to our last visit, when the leaves were just starting to bud. I took a few more photos than usual. Here are a few, perhaps reminiscent of our road trips from Florida to Maine. Click for larger photos.

We have some new flowers, and I will be sharing those in the next update.

Stay Safe!!!

Quite a Difference

I do love this time of year in Maine. You never know what the day will bring.

I was up and out early yesterday morning for a golf tournament. It was extremely foggy, but the day cleared by 10am.

Lou and I were up early this morning, and out the door by 8:30am for our road trip to the cabin. It was a bright and shiny day!

We will be checking in later from the cabin.

Stay Safe !!!

Flowers & Pizza

Donna came over and we had salad and pizza, as well as a nice appetizer she supplied. The pizza on the right is the seasonal fiddlehead pizza.

Earlier in the day, I snapped a few more of our blooms:

Stay Safe!!!

Thank You!

Many thanks for the Birthday Wishes. I am pleased to report feeling better at 69 than I have for the last few years. Can’t wait til 70 😂😂😂

Lou is cooking up my special dinner tonight, and I believe we are seeing friends tomorrow. I have golf on Sunday, then we head to the cabin on Monday. We will celebrate Lou’s birthday on the 28th while on the mountain.

Saw an interesting mix of daffodils this morning – 3 different color schemes all in the same patch:

And there was this sad group on the pavement, obviously beat down by our recent rains:

Have a great weekend, and stay safe!!!

Update: Birthday dinner is complete and it was very good, as expected. Thank you, Lou.

Lou wanted to surprise me with a Coconut Layer Cake, but I begged off. I can never stop with one or two pieces. He did feel we needed cake, so got this cute little cake at the bakery. Can’t wait to have a piece after dinner digests.