Project Shed Morphs into Fortress

They worked on the shed yesterday, but I didn’t get out to see the progress, so had a small shock this morning. Not sure if we are building a shed, or a fortress to protect from invaders. All we need is a watchtower with some archers and no one will get in!

Quite a substantial foundation in progress!

We also had an interesting sunrise today. Lou said he experienced a red flash in the bedroom when the sun came up.

A Happy Tail

Stitch is excited to hear Lou coming down the stairs. This is a highlight for Stitch, because just maybe – Lou will have something good for breakfast and share.

And, thanks to Kathy for verifying the video worked. I don’t do much video, and have to relearn every time I try.

In other news, we have had rain for 3 days but looks like that has stopped. we are expecting highs in the 50s for the next week.

Corn Maze & Pumpkins

Chrisie sent some photos of Louie today, and I thought it might be fun to share. He is growing by leaps and bounds!

Here is what Chrisie said about their day:

We are out of school today for Fall break. Louie and I went to a pumpkin patch and they happened to have a corn maze. We did our first ever corn maze. The good thing; we found our way through on the first try. The bad thing, we got all the spider webs 🙄.It was a lot of fun… except for the webs. Haha.

Chrisie said Louie really enjoyed the corn maze. Not surprising, as he very good at solving puzzles!

Thank you, Chrisie. Did you know it was this easy to do a Guest Blog?🥰❤️👍

Hope You aren’t Tired of Fall

More fall foliage incoming. We left the cabin today to come back to our life in midcoast Maine. It is kind of vacation land as well, but this is where we have all of our medical appointments, volunteer activities, and construction project oversight!

Some have asked to see more photos around the cabin, so I have tried to put some together. It is difficult to get house shots, because it is literally surrounded by woods. Tomorrow, I will share a few photos from our drive home. Please click a photo to go through the gallery.

The last photo in the gallery was taken as we left this morning. And yes, the colors are really that amazing if you catch them in the morning light.

Afternoon Solo Drive

I went for a drive late this afternoon. We had such good luck with fall colors last year on the drive to the Canadian Border, so I wanted to check it out. It was a little difficult taking road photos while driving, but fortunately there was no traffic and I could pull over and stop. Plus there are several rest areas where it was possible *gasp* to get outside of the car to take photos.

It was a mixed bag as far as fall foliage went. Some pops of color, but stretches of not much. Some areas seemed way past peak, and others looked like they were still on the way. I still found some interesting views, and these photos are representative of the varied landscape I saw on the 36 mile trip to the border.

I have more photos taken around the house, and will share some this week. We are headed back to the coastal cottage tomorrow. The house seems quiet without our guests – they made it home safely, and we enjoyed the company for fall foliage weekend.