Death by Scones

The morning started early for me. I had a good night’s sleep but was up by 5am. After taking the dogs out, I figured it was my turn to make breakfast. I made some scones … so darned good.

Normally, I eat just one scone. Today, I cheated with a second one. Oops, it did shoot my blood sugar up. There is not a lot of sugar, but lots of carbs.

Lou made some a few days ago … he picked the plain vanilla:

The scone mixes come from our local Scone Goddess. She ships nationwide 🥰. I do prefer to get a fresh scone from the shop, but it is nice to have the option of making our own.

Lou drove us home to Northport today. We spend a few days here, then we are going back to the cabin to continue tracking peak fall foliage 🍁

Stay Safe ! And, trust me, you don’t need that extra scone 🤭 It just might be too much of a good thing.

A Few More Snapshots

Just watching the leaves change hour by hour, day by day …

Stay Safe!

Fall Begins

Quite a bit more color today than when we arrived last week. Took a short drive to the grocery store and snapped these. The midday light was not great, but it gives a feel for what we are seeing.

Wishing everyone a happy end of summer, and welcome to fall. Can the first snow be that far away?

Stay Safe!

All is Well

Thought I’d better pop in and let everyone know all is well. We are spending some time in the mountains, and just chilling. Enjoying much cooler temps and lots of rain. I am playing a video game, and Lou is reading and doing stuff – as usual.

The dogs are fine. Stitch is still figuring out how best to get around on three legs, but he seems to be in good spirits.

Fall colors are just starting to show – here are some snaps from the backyard:

Stay Safe!

A Free Day

We woke up to another beautiful morning in Midcoast Maine. I snapped this photo as I was trying to keep an eye on the two hooligans. Stitch isn’t supposed to go far, but he still wants to check out all the new rocks and plants. Natasha – well, I never quite know where she will go. Dora the Explorer is a fitting nickname.

Today is a rare one; we have no appointments, and no one is scheduled to stop by to move rocks, pound nails, or paint something (at least I am not aware of any such planned activities).

Lou wants to get his car serviced, so that is one option for the day. We have invited Donna and Pat over for a soirée this evening. That will most likely include burgers.

It is currently 52 degrees at 7:30 am, and a high of 66 degrees is anticipated … fall is trying to break through.

Stay Safe!

Stitch Update

We woke up to sunshine today …

Some of you may have heard about Stitch. He apparently tore the ACL in his right rear knee. We think he did it last week when he was getting out of the car after returning from the mountains. He has been to the vet, and surgery is scheduled for Oct 18th. Until then, our job is to try to keep him mostly quiet and still. This is not easy, because he feels he has to investigate everything. He is doing okay, getting around on three legs, with some assistance on stairs. We have some idea of what we will be dealing with for surgery rehab; Natasha’s sister, Hannah, has been through it and we got advice last time we thought Stitch might need the surgery (that was his left rear knee, which seems to have healed ok without repair).

Here he is this morning. He got tired of waiting for Natasha, so he just plopped down in the driveway. Unfortunately, he injured himself the day before his scheduled grooming, so I have to figure out how to get him clean. He is our little pig-pen dog in the best of times, so this will be a chore.

He is on pain medication, and doesn’t seem to be suffering. The only indication of discomfort is his desire not to put weight on the right rear leg. I have no idea how this position is comfortable for him:

This morning, as I was helping Stitch, and then trying to make sure he didn’t try to run down the hill, Natasha wandered off. I circled around the back of the shed, and as I came around the side, who did I see – little miss “you lookin’ for me?”

Before I rounded up both dogs, I looked up the driveway, and noticed the first official leaf droppings … fall can’t be far away:

Thanks for stopping by. Stay Safe!