First Watch – meh…

We are just hanging out until our afternoon appointment to go by the house and take some measurements.

Today we tried a new-to-us restaurant, First Watch. It is located in a shopping center near the new house, and is one of those places that has a cult-like following in the 20 states where it is located. It is one of those “healthy” restaurants with vegan, gluten free, etc. options as well as traditional fare. It wasn’t bad, but nothing special. Lou’s over easy eggs had hard yolks. That is not a good sign. I was rather surprised to see many of the healthy breakfast options clocking in at over 1,000 calories. Never hurts to try someplace new, but the Wagon Wheel remains our go-to breakfast joint.

Drove by the new house on the way back to our hotel, to make sure it was still standing. Once again, we have purchased a home that is not easily seen or photographed from the road. The house sits below the road. You can see some mountains in the background. These are bonus mountains, as our main interest is in Black Mountain, which the house faces.

Another interesting tidbit. We don’t know whether the house we are buying is actually in the town of Cave Creek or Carefree. We have documents showing both. Fortunately, that is what you pay Title companies for. We know how to pick ‘em. The Sugarloaf cabin had two different street addresses – 6090 Village on the Green and 6002 Niblick Way. Our Northport house gets mail addressed to either Lincolnville or Northport.

Stay Safe!

The Adventure Continues

What a roller coaster of a day. When we arrived in Arizona early evening yesterday, Sherry called and said we were going to see our preferred house at 9:00am today. This is the house we thought we had lost. As of 9:00am on Saturday, we still had a slim chance to get an offer on the table.

We toured the house and really liked it. We decided to go ahead and put in an offer and hope for the best. There are so many things that had to fall in step – I may do a post on how it all came together at a future date. For now, just trust that it was a heck of a day, and involved coordinating with sellers cruising in the Caribbean, and writing offers at Starbucks.

Sherry had prepared an offer the night before, leaving the final details blank. We headed off to Starbucks to finish writing the offer. Did I mention that Sherry has actually moved to South Carolina, but flew back to help us this weekend?

Sherry lead us through our offer and then she delivered it to the seller’s agent. He had a short window to contact the seller in the Caribbean, and we were just a little anxious for a few hours.

By 4pm, we had a signed contract in our hands. The real estate agents did a great job getting everything coordinated. Sherry has also arranged for the house inspection on Tuesday, the day before we fly back to Maine.

It seems trite to say, “it was meant to be,” as all the puzzle pieces begin to fall in place. But there were a lot of things that had to happen to make this new house purchase work, We are going to insert our usual disclaimer; the deal is never done until the money is in the bank, and in this case, the keys are in hand.

A few pics of the new place. It is a little different – more of a contemporary southwest style. The pool is actually in the front yard – making it much like the pool courtyard we had in Florida. We have some decent views of Black Mountain, which is something we really wanted. The house is large enough for most of our needs. The Master Bedroom is on the first level, and there are two en-suite guest rooms upstairs. The upstairs loft area serves as a media room. The kitchen has ample counter space, so room for lots of kitchen gadgets.

We are meeting Karen and Tom for lunch tomorrow, so that will be fun. It will be good to take a day off of Zillow!

Stay Safe!

Crossing the Country

Again … on our way to Phoenix Airport, then on to Cave Creek. Hoping to buy a house. Had a slight setback – our AZ Realtor called last night and the house we are most interested in has two offers. We won’t get there in time to offer on this one because we have to see it first. No worries. Our philosophy is, if it is meant to be it will happen. This has always worked for us wrt real estate.

We booked a car service to Boston so we can get a direct flight to Phoenix. Fortunately, the weather has cooperated, and we are enjoying a nice ride, watching the early morning sunrise.

A few other interesting things happened this week:

  1. Lou spent 3+ hours in the dentist’s chair Wednesday, getting a temporary bridge for his broken triple-tooth bridge. While eating salad that night, the temp bridge broke!
  2. He was able to get into the dentist yesterday, and she gave him a new temp bridge. Hope it holds!
  3. Princess Natasha had surgery to remove 7 lumps/bumps from her head and neck. Lou was calling her “mushroom head.” These are apparently benign growths, caused by genetics.

I didn’t get a pic of Lou’s bridge, but here is poor Natasha’s neck:

We will check in this weekend to update on the house search.

Stay Safe!

More Snow

It started snowing last night and snowed all night. We had about 4-5 inches this morning. The plow guys came around mid-morning, and we have had another 3-4 inches since. And we are supposed to get more.

I tried to get the dogs to go out front. Nope, Nada, No Way. Natasha wouldn’t even try. We first tried the garage, then we went to the front door. No luck.

The real estate adventure is moving right along. We have a signed contract for the Northport house. The folks from Ohio sent an offer in yesterday and we accepted. If all goes well, we will close mid-February, but we can stay here for a while longer. We hope to go to Arizona this weekend to buy a house. I say hope, because you never know what this crazy weather will do. It is supposed to be okay on Friday.

Stay Safe!

Snow News

We finally got some real snow on Thursday night and Friday morning – over 5 inches. It was pretty, but this was not the most convenient time to get snow.

We had our first showing of the house on Wednesday – some folks in Ohio viewed the house by video. They liked it, so they flew to Maine to see it in person on Friday. Even though they would have to drive 3 hours from Kennebunkport in the snow on Friday morning.

This was not the best day to see our waterfront views:

Almost 24 hours later and we haven’t heard anything other than the showing went well. Nothing to do but be patient.

How ironic to wake up to this today:

On the other side of the equation, we will probably fly out to Arizona next weekend to see if we can lock down a house.

Stay Safe!

Happy Birthday, Yan

January is a big birthday month for our family. First, Tori, then Beth. Now Yan, and I believe there is another exciting one coming up at the end of the month.

Happy Birthday, Yan – sending you lots of love and wishes for an outstanding 2023 🎂.

Here is Yan in “Mad Scientist Dad” mode. He is helping Louie with his science project.

Happy Birthday!